An Internet Competition where registrations, acceptance of applications, the announcement of results, exhibition of selected works, are all executed on the Internet. The Grand Prix Award winning works are merchandized and the winners are to receive the royalties generated from the sales performance of the works.


The subject of the competition is ''Business Bag''(Briefcase)
Please make a proposal by the applicant's own discretion as to its use and form.

Three different awards are granted
Grand Prix Designtope Award will be granted for the excellent design selected by a sole juror. It is possible to select "a unique or cutting edge design'' that is not common, and to clarify the juror's responsibility towards the selected design.

Grand Prix User Award will be granted for the work which receives the highest votes by users from the public. 20 to 30 selected works are subject to voting by the public users if many applications are made. (Two Grad Prix Award winning works!!are to be manufactured. In order to investigate the possibility of manufacturing works, the collaborating hhstyle.com will investigate for merchandizing goods.)<Two of the Grand Prix winning works are to be marketed and receive the prize money in the form of royalties generated from the performance of sales.>

Excellent Work Award granted up to 20 works excluding from the Designtope Award and the User Award, will be announced and exhibited as selected works, but will not be merchandized. (hhstyle.com might investigate the possibility of these works to be marketed. hhstyle.com has the right of priority for the negotiation of merchandizing.)

Jasper Morrison
Jasper Morrison considers himself to be, first and foremost, a conceptual designer. Unconcerned with the novelty of new or unexpected forms, Morrison takes familiar shapes, often banal, and reworks them until a heretofore-unseen work emerges.

Born in England in 1959, Morrison was raised in both Germany and the United States before his family settled in London, where he attended Kingston College of Art and the Royal College of Art. During school, Morrison was influenced by the work of the Memphis designers out of Milan for their conceptual approach to design. His early work caught the attention of critics and when Morrison was asked to speak at a design conference in Milan, he instead staged a slide show of juxtaposed images. This became the basis of the book "A World Without Words" and in turn piqued the interest of Rolf Fehlbaum, the chairman of Vitra.

Application Registration will be accepted from July 20 through October 20, 2001 It has been closed.
Work will be submitted on August 20 through October 31, 2001
Users' Voting starts at November 15 December 15, 2001
Announcement of the result will be at the middle of December,2001
Announcement of the result
It will be made on DESIGNTOPE news and "the selected works" will be exhibited at the DESIGNTOPE Gallery.
Making applications
Only Designtope members who have paid membership fee of 300yen monthly are qualified for registration. Please make registrations after you have read the followings points regarding for application.

Registration for Designtope Membership

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*Receiving email news services from the Designtope.
* Being presented design-related books and others from a lottery draw.
* Being invited to the events organized by the Designtope.
*Being qualified for the entry of design competitions organized by the Designtope.
In addition, many other benefits are offered by the Designtope.
300yen is required for a registration. After the registration is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail describing where to remit the annual membership fee (3,600yen per year in total). Please remit within two weeks upon the receipt of the e-mail. If we are not able to confirm the receipt of your remittance, your registration for the competition entry will be invalid.

[How to Make an Application]
Please copy the following items and send their information by e-mail to manager@designtope.net
Your Name:
Sex: Male Female
Birth Date: Month Date Year
Postal Code:
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How to Make a Registration
Please make a registration by clicking the left-hand button. The Designtope office will advise you of the registration number. (If you have not registered the Designtope membership yet, please make the registration first on the above Designtope membership registration.

Deadline: October 20 (Saturday) 2001 It has been closed.

[Group Entry]
Please make an entry with the name of the person representing the group and the other members should be indicated as "and others". If you are given an award, your group name and every member of the group will be listed.

Application Synopsis
The design documents are to consist of the following two elements.
1) Sketching of 3-D image 1piece (280 x 280pixel,72dpi,GIF format)
*Do not include an applicant's name on the image so that a fair judgement may be made.
*You may use and express the 3-D image method freely with a model photo, or free-hand sketches or computer graphic works.
2) Explanation of ideas, dimensions and materials to be used and their processing method. (Please describe the text in English)
- Your name
- Registration Number
- Title of Work
- Dimensions
- Materials and Processing method
- Description of work within 100 words The explanation is expected to be as concise as possible.
How to send your work
Please send your e-mail with your image work in GIF format and the texts.
A file should be limited to 1MB in total.

*Sending Address will be announced to the applicant along with the registration number.
*We will send you a receipt of your work by e-mail as soon as we receive your work.

Copyright or design right of the work sent in for application is owned by the applicant. However, hhstyle.com owns the right of merchandizing the works that received the Grand Prix Designtope Award and the Users' Award. hhstyle.com owns the priority for negotiation of merchandizing goods that received the Excellent Work Award. The organizer owns the right for exhibition (including on the Web site), publications in the magazines, and other rights for use.
Please do not send any inquires regarding the competition while the application is being accepted or while the users are voting.