There are many kinds of design chairs in the world. But there are not so many chairs in the world only to be used as an exterior chair, aren't there?
The exterior chair is different from the interior chair, for example how to use it and its durability. It has a different theme. For this competition, we want recruit ideas for exterior chairs widely. The work that is winning the Grand Prix award examination will become a product of INTER-DECOR.


The subject of the competition is“A chair for exterior”
Please make a proposal by the applicant's own discretion as to its use and form.

Three different awards are granted
Grand Prix Designtope Award will be granted for the excellent design selected by a sole juror. It is possible to select "a unique or cutting edge design“that is not common, and to clarify the ror's responsibility towards the selected design.

Grand Prix User Award will be granted for the work which receives the highest votes by users from the public. 20 to 30 selected works are subject to voting by the public users if many applications are made.

The collaborating IXC. will investigate the possibility of manufacturing or merchandising two of the Grand Prix Award winning works.

If the Grand Prix winning works are to be marketed, the winners receive the prize money in the form of royalties generated from the performance of sales.

In case of difficulty in marketing the works, after the careful examination, the winner of the Grand Prix DESIGNTOPE Award receives the prize of 500,000yen and the winner of the Grand Prix User Award receives the prize of 200,000yen.

Excellent Work Award granted up to 5 works excluding from the Designtope Award and the User Award, will be announced and xhibited as selected works, but will not be merchandized. (IXC. might investigate the possibility of these works to be marketed. INTER- DECOR has the right of priority for the negotiation of merchandizing.)

Alberto Meda
Born in Como, Italy in 1945.
Gaduated from MILAN Industrial University. Served as a
technical director of KARTEL.
In 1979, he became to focus on the industrial design related
works and consulting works.
He has been directing car projects of ALFA ROMEO since 1981 to 1986.
In 1987, he introduced works of ALIAS, such as "Light Light" and "DRY."
In 1990, he held a private exhibition in Matsuya Design Gallery in Tokyo.
Application Registration will be accepted from February 21 through May 20, 2002

*It has been closed.

Work will be submitted on May 10 through May 31, 2002
Users' Voting starts on July 10 through August 9, 2002
Announcement of the result will be at the middle of August,2002

Announcement of the result
Announcement in Designtope - News.
All the chosen applications & works are exhibited in the Designtope Gallery.
* All applicants will be asked by email for their approval of the appearance of their work before the announcement of the exhibition.
Works will not be exhibited without permission.
Making applications
Only Designtope members who have paid membership fee of 300yen
monthly are qualified for registration. Please click the following
for an application,after you’ve made registrations with DESIGNTOPE.
After the application is made, the Competition Office will send you a application number.

Deadline: May 20 (Monday) 2002

Application of Students
When the competition want to be joined with a subject of research from a school or
seminar, they must choose one person to join the admission. It depends on the aim of designtope
Afterwards, other people can join the application.
Please ask for detail s about this at email address “ manager@designtope.net “

Application of Groups
Application for many people can be possible with members registering one representative
Please write after the name like this "…and more … persons".
When the work is announced winning, we announce the name of the group and all its members.

Application Synopsis
1)Essential papers
 Applicants must present these drawings and specifications
 1. Main oblique view picture:1item
 2. Supplement to oblique view picture (from a different angle or detail): 1 item
 3. A plan from which the main measures can be understood: 1 item
 4. Explanation of the concept and comment about material,
   processing method and construction: 1 item
   (The text must be written in English or Japanese)
   (In Japanese with 200 characters, in English with 100 words)

 *The applicant must present a picture, the same as from the above
 <1. Main oblique view picture>,
 to be used for the user vote, the announcement of the result and for the exhibition on the web side.
 Its size must be 230 x 230 pixel.

*We want fair justice. For example, please do not write the name of the applicant on the picture.
*The kind of the oblique view picture does not matter.
Please be free to express yourself with a model photo, a sketch by hand, 3D computer graphics and so on.
* The work of the application must be an unpublished work

2)Form, resolution and size of picture
File format: GIF
Resolution: 72dpi (pixel/inch)
Size: above items 1, 2, 3 is 500 x 500 pixel

How to send your work
Please send us first the application form like the above specification application form.
(We send an URL to the registered applicant.)
(Please pay attention. We are not accepting email attachments.)
After we got the work, we send email to acknowledge its receive.
Copyright or design right of the work sent in for application is
owned by the applicant. However, IXC. owns the right of
merchandizing the works that received the Grand Prix Designtope
Award and the Users' Award. IXC. owns the priority for
negotiation of merchandizing goods that received the Excellent Work
Award. The organizer owns the right for exhibition (including on the
Web site), publications in the magazines, and other rights for use.
Please do not send any inquires regarding the competition while the application is being accepted or while the users are voting.