There are many kinds of design chairs in the world. But there are not so many chairs in the world only to be used as an exterior chair, aren't there?
The exterior chair is different from the interior chair, for example how to use it and its durability. It has a different theme. For this competition, we want recruit ideas for exterior chairs widely. The work that is winning the Grand Prix award examination will become a product of INTER-DECOR.


Designtope Competition 2002 The announcement of the result
Grand Prix Designtope Award Grand Prix User Award
Name of work: DROPS
Manufacturer: ISOTOPE
(Morie Nishimura&Kazuyosi Inagaki)
Name of work: SWING CHAIR
Manufacturer: Noriaki Baba
Excellent Work Award 5 pieces
Name of work:
Hiroki Mihara
Name of work:
Name of work:
Noriaki Baba
Name of work:
Tetsu Sumii
Name of work:
Teruyuki Kuno
About this design competition
We would like to make the announcement of results of our second DESIGNTOPE Design Competition. This competition was organized by IXC that is one of the collaborators of DESIGNTOPE Co., Ltd. We invited a Italian product designer, Mr. Alberto Meda, to be a juror and received a total of 271 wonderful works from more than 30 foreign countries.

Grand Prix DESIGNTOPE Award will be granted for the following design selected by Mr. Alberto Meda. As regards to the Grand Prix User Award, it will be granted for the work, which received the highest users' voting. After the commercial planning committee of IXC pre-selected 51 works, we exhibited those works on the web for a month from July 14 through August 9.

* Apology for delaying the announcement and About the result of the Userfs Voting.

General Comment
Albrto Meda

I like this webcompetition because it uses the feature of Internet in an intelligent way
Internet is a media that erases space and time, changes the perception of the distances, is a tool that enables establishing relationships - though not physically - among people; it is a means able to create a virtual community organised against different scores of affinities whose members share the same interests. In a community where people share interests and passions there is an exchange of individual intelligence, Designtope contributes to the exchange of knowledge and enhances the collective intelligence.

please inform us of from what viewpoint you have selected the works
in particular for the Grand Prix and Excellent Work Awards:

I made my choises on projects that contain an innovative idea following the criteria of semplicity, lightness in phisical and visual terms,the integration of function, the use of new materials and contemporary technologies.

Your general message to the participants is also appreciated:

To all the partecipants to this award I wish a future of fantastic new projects becoming real physical objects
The objects circulate physically and metaphorically: they are the glueing factor of humanity for people identify themselves with the objects they own and their history might be told through them; Objects contain the collective intelligence of designers, manufacturers, distributors and users
In a virtual community the Internet allows easier and faster circulation of their thought and experience, hence fosters the designing and manufacturing of objects that result from greater sharing (of thought and experience). These aspects are once again 'intangible' but objects are full of tangible qualities that stimulate all of our five senses whereby we judge and relate to them. And here virtuality gives rise to a twofold interpretation: on the one hand; virtuality is a friend, on the other it might become a foe by making us lose contact with physicality/reality.