Takenaka Seisakusyo, Co. Ltd. + DESIGNTOPE
Situated in Takaoka-shi, in Toyama Prefecture facing the Japan Sea, the Takenaka Seisakusyo has been producing Buddhist sculptures and artwork alongside the development and production of building materials coordinating the skills of the traditional metal cast artisan. And in the production of gates and fences, the company enjoys collaboration with Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd., Shikoku Corp., and YKK AP, Inc., in effect undertaking the role of adjoining the skills of the artisan with the major manufacturers.
This time, we are pleased to have the directors of development of these major manufacturers taking part in this competition as members of the jury.



Direct inquiries to:
DESIGNTOPE Competition Secretariat

mail to: compe@designtope.net

However, details regarding selection standards will not be disclosed.
Please refer to the instructions on the registration form and the following FAQs regarding questions on application procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions
*Replies will not be made to questions regarding the following items:

<Regarding the theme>
Q: Is exceeding the word limit permissible regarding descriptions of the concept, materials,
manufacturing method, or construction?
A: Please stay within the word limit.
Q: Can I enter designs envisioned to be rather costly as products?
A: High projected prices of a product does narrow the possibilities for merchandizing. However,
the objective of this competition being concepts taking outstanding leaps forward, the price is not a requirement for selection although technical reality is.
Q: Are ideas of new usages built upon existing ideas but developed further allowed?
A: They will be accepted if the new idea is such that suggests a new style of living.
Q: For example, what kind of design are you looking for in concrete terms?
A: Examples

Spacious, liberating designs with inherent security measures
Low-cost designs
Designs extending welcome to the visitor
Designs with devices enabling adjustment of gates to various sizes
Designs with original structures for opening and closing
Designs harmonizing with foliage
Designs for beautifying the street environment
Designs enabled by development of new materials
Novel and beautiful designs
Q: I have forgotten my Membership ID.
A: Click HERE to contact the Secretariat with identifying information.

<Re: Entry Registration>
Q: Does submitting an entry by a number of designers require DESIGNTOPE membership of all members?
A: Please make the application for entry in the name of one representative who has registered as a DESIGNTOPE member.
Please append (and x no. of others) after the representative's name.
The group name, as well as names of all members will be publicized in presenting the award winners.
<Re: Entry Submission>
Q: I would like to submit my entry by regular mail.
A: This is an internet competition, and as such, submission via modes other than the designated form will not be accepted.
Q: Will images other than GIF format be acceptable?
A: Please submit all images in GIF format. Other formats will not be accepted (please refer to the Application Guideline).
Q: Following entry registration, I have yet to receive my password for entry submission.
A: Passwords are meant to be selected yourself in the Entry Registration Page.
(Please make sure to retain a record of your own password).
Q: I have not been able to send my submission via the Submission Form. Can I send it as a mail attachment?
A: Please check the text, image format, and file extensions.
Files will not be recognized as a GIF file in the absence of the file extension <.gif> following the file name, and will be rejected.
(*If you are still unable to submit your entry even after attempting the above, please contact compe@designtope.net ).

<Re: Judgment Results>
Q: Will the selection results be notified?
A: Winners will be announced on this competition web site.
Notice will be sent only to the winners, with subsequent on-site presentation of the winning entries.

<Re: Other>
Q: Can I link this Competition Site to my own (individual, corporate, school) web site?
A: Links for non-commercial purposes will basically be permitted, although we will not set up links from our page to yours.
If you wish to link your page to ours, please submit the following information to our site manager beforehand: Name of site,
your URL, objective of your site, and address of your site manager. Following review, we will respond whether we can comply with your request.
N.B. If traces of unauthorized links to our Competition Site is found, all entries and access rights from that site will be automatically cancelled. Please take note.


Direct inquirieds to:
DESINGTOPE Competition Secretariat
mail to: compe@designtope.net