Since 1917, when it was founded as a sanitary ware company, TOTO has always kept its leading position in its industrial field . It has developed hit quality-of-life products one after another beginning with the mass-production of water faucet parts, prefabricated baths, Washlet( a bidet with a toilet-seat that can be warmed up in winter ), wash-basin-stands with shower for hair- washing and so on. In addition to such products as mentioned, TOTO has also been working on such cutting edge technologies positively as the production of electronics products and the development of photo-catalyst, etc. Now in this new Century, TOTO that started as a maker of water equipments is growing into a corporation providing total services concerning the life spaces with water ( bathrooms, toilets, wash-basins and kitchens ), aiming at the creation and the provision of ever richer and more comfortable life-culture for each customer.



yConcerning the themez
QDIs it all right if the text for the explanation of the workfs concept, its material, its production processes, its composition, etc. exceeds the required limit?
A. Please make it within the limit.
QDIs it all right if the concept of the presented work is a developed innovation of an already existing idea?
A. If the concept hasnft been introduced to the public yet and it will let us imagine the renewed lives of people, we will accept it.
QDDo you set any conditions concerning designs, environments and space-sizes for the installation of the works?
A. We donft set any special conditions for these things. With your own free imagination, let us know your concrete ideas on the future toilet space in houses.
QDI forgot my application ID. What should I do?
ADPlease inquire it from

yAbout the submission of the worksz
QDMay I send the work by postal service?
ADWe are sorry we will not accept any other forms than those in electric format since this competition is the one held on the inter-net.
Q.Is it all right if the images are not in JPEG or GIF format?
A.Please be sure that we will accept the images in JPEG and GIF format only.
The images in other format will not be received. (please refer to the
Application Guideline).
QDI havenft received the mail telling me the password for the application for the competition.
A. The password for the application has to be set by the applicants themselves in the window for the registration of the applicants. After you have registered yourself, the password for the work-submission will be sent to you by e-mail.
QDHaving tried many times, I still canft send my work from the work-submission form in the web-site. Is it all right if I send my work to you by e-mail?
AD Check the text, the format of the images, their file-extensions. If the file names of the images donft have their file-extensions such as < .jpg > < .gif > at the end of the file names, they are not recognized as image files in JPEG or GIF Format therefore you canft send your image files.
( Even if you checked them and found there is no problem with the file names, with the format type, with the extension etc, please contact with


yConcerning the results of the competitionz
QDWill the competitionfs results be notified to all participants?
AD The competitionfs results are to be announced in this competition-site.
Only award-winning participants will be notified of the competitionfs results by e-mail.
And the award-winning works are to be exhibited on this web-site.

QDMay I have my own( personalEcompanyfsEschoolfs) site linked with this competition-site?
ADIf itfs not the site for commercial purposes, there will be no problem. We will not, however, have this web-site linked with your site. And we will have to ask you to let the sitefs administrator know about the following things if you want your site linked with this site. After learning about the details of your web-site, we will let you know whether your request will be met or not. Please be noted that if the traces of linking your site with this site without acquiring a proper permission are found, all applications for and accesses to this competition site from your site will have to be rejected later.

Requested information for the permission for linking sites
sitefs name, its URL(address), its objectives, its administratorfs name

Direct inquirieds to:
DESINGTOPE Competition Secretariat
mail to: