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Since 1917, when it was founded as a sanitary ware company, TOTO has always kept its leading position in its industrial field . It has developed hit quality-of-life products one after another beginning with the mass-production of water faucet parts, prefabricated baths, Washlet( a bidet with a toilet-seat that can be warmed up in winter ), wash-basin-stands with shower for hair- washing and so on. In addition to such products as mentioned, TOTO has also been working on such cutting edge technologies positively as the production of electronics products and the development of photo-catalyst, etc. Now in this new Century, TOTO that started as a maker of water equipments is growing into a corporation providing total services concerning the life spaces with water ( bathrooms, toilets, wash-basins and kitchens ), aiming at the creation and the provision of ever richer and more comfortable life-culture for each customer.


Theme "The Restroom of the 21st Century"
Restrooms , as the word indicates, are the rooms for answering naturefs call and therefore closely related with the mental-relaxation of those who use them. We are waiting for your suggestions of the new ideas that will turn over the conventional images of this important life-space with a closet stool in its center but a bathtub.

Restrooms here are defined as 'Toilet Space' or 'The Space with the functions for our answering nature's call , washing hands , washing face, making up, etc. In addition to these functions that are usually associated with what we call 'restrooms', something that we have never thought of before may be added such as for relaxing with tunes of music.
Please be noted, however, that this exhibition is to exclude the bathtub for taking a bath, which is usually essential to Western bathrooms.

Grand-Prix Award (For a work) Prize : 500,000yen
Excellent Work Award (For 3 works) Prize: 100,000yen


Masayuki Kurokawa
( Architect/ President of Kurokawa Masayuki Architect's Office)

Born in Nagoya in 1937. Completed doctoral courses at Waseda University's Graduate School of Architecture. Established KUROKAWA Masayuki Architect Studio in 1967. Received major prizes and awards, such as Mainichi Design Award and the Japan Interior Designers' Association Award. Several of his works are displayed in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in the Denver Art Museum. Established Designtope Co., Ltd. (http://www.designtope.net/) in 2001. It supports activity of individual who creates a design or an organization, aiming at "a good design come to fill and be full of the world." Professor at Kanazawa College of Art.

President, Kurokawa Masayuki Architectural Design Office
President, BUTSUGAKU Research Institute
Professor, Research Institute of Art, Kanazawa College of Art

Hirokata Nomura ( Chief of TOTO Ltd. Design Center )


Criteria for Examination
A stronger stress will be put on free imagination and creativity rather than their practicality in the evaluation of the works. As far as they are not impossible dreams other than in Si-Fi world, we will greatly appreciate richness and innovativeness of the ideas in the formation of the works. We are looking forward to ideas and suggestions that will galvanize the actual rest-room designs for the future. The condition of the environment for which we ask for your ideas (works) is that of a dwelling house or of a second house.

Schedule (Times and Dates are according to Japan time)
2004.Jan.9---Apr.11 the period for application and registration
2004.Jan.20---Apr.20 the period for work submission
2004.Mid June--- the announcement of the judgments
2004.Early July--- the exhibition of the award-winning works
2004.July--- Early August--- Award Giving ( Award of Merit will be sent to the Award winners)

Qualification for applicants
No restrictions are set such as your status, jobs, ages, nationalities, etc. And both individuals and groups can participate in the competition.


Applications for entry/Registration
Entry registrations should be sent by clicking on the SUBMIT button on the Registration page.
Applications will be confirmed by mail from the Secretariat.

Application Method
Fill in the application form in the web-site and send it. Later you will receive your application number and password by e-mail. Please keep the application number and the password for the work submission as they are required when you submit your work to the competition site. You can submit more than one work but you need to make an application for each of your works respectively.


The conditions and the method for the work submission
Requirements: 2 pictures and a text

1: The title of the work and its concept
The language for the explanation about your work is English. If you have a command of Japanese, please put the explanation in Japanese along with the one in English. ( around 200 words/English, around 100 letters/Japanese)

2: An image showing the main design
500x500 pixel ( in JPEG format / within 100kb )

3: A supplemental image including measurements of the main parts)
An image within 500x500 pixel. GIF animation will also be accepted.
( In GIF format/ within 300kb )


The method for the work submission
The period for the work submission Jan.20---Apr.20 2004
The submission and the reception of the works are done on the web-site. When you have the required forms, two pictures, and the text-file (Read above) ready to be sent, please complete the registration process for your work(s) following the instruction of the application form for the work submission ( Click the eWork Submissionf button in the web-site and follow the instruction.).

After your work(s) being received, youfll be notified about it by a confirmation mail.
Please note that we will not accept the work(s) attached to your mail(s)

1: Donft put any information on the images from which the applicant may be identified.
2: The images can be in any forms. For example, they can be photos of a model, hand-drawn sketches, 3D computer graphic images, etc. It is totally up to the applicant.
3: The presented works are limited to unreleased ones.

The Announcement of the results
Only the award winners will be notified of the results by e-mails. The results will also be announced on the page of the Competition in our web-site.

yConcerning various rightsz
The rights concerning the award-winning works such as their copy rights, intellectual property rights are to be transferred to the competition-sponsor with the payment of the prize money to the concerned award-winners. All the rights and the responsibilities concerning the works other than the award-winning ones belong to their makers themselves with an exception of the rights concerning their exposition and introduction to the public, which are to belong to the competition sponsor. The preferential negotiating rights for all of the submitted works are to be granted to the competition sponsor for the period of one year from the first day of the announcement of the competitionfs results.

yConcerning award-winning worksz
In the case that any award-winning work is revealed to be an imitation, a piracy, etc, which possibly impinges the intellectual property rights of other individual(s) or organization(s), the award will be nullified even after its announcement.

yConcerning the treatment of personal informationz
None of the personal information put on the application form etc. is to be revealed to any third person other than TOTO Ltd. and Designtope. The great attention is paid to the protection of personal information by all concerned with the competition.

Questions and Answers
We can not answer the questions on the details of the competition, the guide-lines for application, etc. personally. Please refer to the FAQ below.