Since 1917, when it was founded as a sanitary ware company, TOTO has always kept its leading position in its industrial field . It has developed hit quality-of-life products one after another beginning with the mass-production of water faucet parts, prefabricated baths, Washlet( a bidet with a toilet-seat that can be warmed up in winter ), wash-basin-stands with shower for hair- washing and so on. In addition to such products as mentioned, TOTO has also been working on such cutting edge technologies positively as the production of electronics products and the development of photo-catalyst, etc. Now in this new Century, TOTO that started as a maker of water equipments is growing into a corporation providing total services concerning the life spaces with water ( bathrooms, toilets, wash-basins and kitchens ), aiming at the creation and the provision of ever richer and more comfortable life-culture for each customer.


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