Since 1917, when it was founded as a sanitary ware company, TOTO has always kept its leading position in its industrial field . It has developed hit quality-of-life products one after another beginning with the mass-production of water faucet parts, prefabricated baths, Washlet( a bidet with a toilet-seat that can be warmed up in winter ), wash-basin-stands with shower for hair- washing and so on. In addition to such products as mentioned, TOTO has also been working on such cutting edge technologies positively as the production of electronics products and the development of photo-catalyst, etc. Now in this new Century, TOTO that started as a maker of water equipments is growing into a corporation providing total services concerning the life spaces with water ( bathrooms, toilets, wash-basins and kitchens ), aiming at the creation and the provision of ever richer and more comfortable life-culture for each customer.



Grand Prix Award

Title: Black Cube
Entrant: Kohei Odaka (JAPAN)

Title: RestBoard
Entrant: Kohei Tsuru (JAPAN)

Title: oneself
Entrant: PaveliUKRAINEj

Title: Re:stream
Entrant: decoboco (Motoharu Nagao + Minami Yusa)

Thank you very much for the great number of the works submitted for the competition this time sponsored by TOTO Co. The total number of the works adds up to 369 works from as many as 53 countries. Wefd like to inform you here that the strict and fair examination of these submitted works was made by Masayuki Kurokawa, the chief judge and Yukio Shibata, the General Manager of the Industrial Design Center of TOTO LTD.

yJury evaluationz

Masayuki Kurokawa (Architect)

We received a number of intriguing ideas. The only one work for the Grand Prix Prize and the only three works for the Prize for Excellent Works were selected from among far more than 1000 registration presented from all over the world. The work that won the Grand Prix gives us the impression of overwhelming intensity with its shocking contrast created between the darkness of charcoal and the shining stool. It evokes the memories buried in Japanese traditions or the bare images of natural woods. Its use of the special nature of the materials for the design of the restroom( bathroom) is excellent, too.

One of the three works that won the Prize For Excellent Works took up the technique that makes the bathroom-space assimilated with the wall having come to be a set of special furniture. Another of the three surprised us with its tricks by means of opening and closing of its elaborated round partitions. The other one enjoyed us with its interesting transformation of a urinal into a stool and vice-versa. Though the way of its presentation may have helped it to catch our attention, its furniture-like impression of the transformation of the stool comes from its neat image-processes.

The standard for the evaluations of the works set by TOTO LTD. and the Competition Organizer was as follows.

1: It put more stress on the images of the toilet space as a whole than the designs of toilet equipment.
2: It should be realistic rather than Si-fi dreams.
3: It put more stress on psychological and physiological natures than the functions.
4: It put more stress on the feeling than its reason or logic.
5: It put an importance on the nature of the Ideas concerning the forms (whether they are the ideas about equipment or the ideas about toilet space- designs, etc.)

Yukio ShibataiTOTO LTD. Industrial Design Center, General Managerj

Thank you very much for your participation in the competition, eThe Restroom For 21st. Centuryf.
And let me confess that the selection of the good works was a very difficult task because most of them were almost equally excellent. Some of the works were realistic. Other works were a kind of dreamy suggestions. As was mentioned in the details for application, we put the stress on the ideas about the restrooms for the 21st. Century, which turn over the conventional concepts. We could not, however, take up the works that are too dreamy or unrealistic.

Accordingly the standard for the judgment on the works was that they should be based on new concepts but at the same time, they should be realistic. The work that won the Grand Prix was excellent not only from the viewpoint of its design but from the practical point of view with the possibility of its future commercialization.

The selection of the works for the Prize for Excellent Works was made with such points as their degree of completion, their uniqueness of the ideas and their assimilation with the architectures taken into consideration. We are going to keep holding the competitions like this ( with different themes ) in the future, so please participate in the future competitions again.

We hope these competitions will help the designers all over the world to elevate the qualities of their design works.