Reference Material (Option B)
Proposals should be designed from the perspective of driving and the pleasure derived from driving. Importance will be attached to the discovery of the perspective of "individuality" and its approach. It can be said that the entire history of the car is made up of things born out of "individuality" going on to become "universal". For example, originally all cars were open-top, but the "individual" need of doctors to be able to go and see their patients in all weather conditions led to the invention of the closed top car, which was originally known as the "doctors' coupe". In another example, even though we cannot now imagine a car having anything but a steering wheel, in the beginning cars were steered with a steering bar, and the wheel was devised later to improve handling on rough surfaces.

Throughout history, innovation and progress brought about by special circumstances become important elements in the formation of "universality" of the next generation. We would like you to propose a passenger car interior design from the perspective of the enjoyment of driving, a design brought about by your unique individuality and your specific set of circumstances. Mazda designs its products by focusing on fun to drive. This is the essential and central value that a car possesses, and Mazda will continue to attach the utmost importance to it going into the future. Therefore, we will seek new approaches and perspectives of "individuality" on the theme of driving.

Reference Diagrams/Reference images of Mazda car interior design and basic layout images