Reference Material (Option C)
The transition from an extended family society to a nuclear family society resulted in an increase in the number of houses, and now the number of people living alone is on the rise. This implies that single person dwellings are becoming an important theme. Whereas a dwelling has always been a "community" space for a family, there is now a demand for a space in which one can freely invite friends or partners to one's own flexible and temporary community. For this task, seek the new concept of a dwelling which serves the dual purpose of a space for a single person and a space in which temporary and evolving "communities" are formed. Indeed, the very meaning of the word "to dwell" has changed in recent years. The borders between work and leisure have also become more blurred as more and more people work at home. What kind of space would you personally like to live in? Propose a single-person dwelling which would suit your own unique circumstances. You have complete freedom in all elements - size, ceiling height, functions, architecture, external appearance, etc.