Charmant International Design Competition Result
On May 5, "Charmant International Design Competition" Ceremony has been held at Charmant booth of MIDO exhibition, in Milan. Congratulations for Mr. Vadim Kibardin(Grand-prix), Mr. Yenwen Tseng(Semi-grand-prix) and 7 people selected as excellent work. And we thank you for all.


Title : Cerambyx cerdo frame
Entrant : Vadim Kibardin / KIBARDINDESIGN studio


Title : Fly-flight
Entrant : Yenwen Tseng

Selected Excellent Works

The proposal for frames as new structure and construction

Title : Eyeglasses "Lateral Vision"
Entrant : Denis Shumaylov
Title : 1+1
Entrant : Kate Xu

The proposal for frames as normal and delicated

Title : zeerog -Seeing with zero gravity
Entrant : Kenneth W K Wu /
Title : KLARA,
titanium prescription glasses
Entrant : jan capek
Title : visible
Entrant : Tomohiro Shin

The proposal for unique style as fashion

Title : TA-RE-ME
Entrant : Kazuhiro Matsunaga
Title : Pica Flor, professional sport glasses
Entrant : Aurin/degno studio

Seven works in total were selected. Congratulations.
It becomes an announcement to classify these selected excellent works into three categories newly by Mr. Fukasawa who is the judge. Thank you for a lot of applications and participation.
*Publishing: Name/belonging, work title(in any order)

[Overall Assessments]

Ultimately I believe that spectacles should match the face of the person wearing them and express the exact demeanor and individuality desired by that person. Of course, multiple factors such as the feel of the spectacles and the structure and materials used to achieve that feel, fuse together to create something that meets the expectation of the wearer. In judging this competition stress was placed on the overall harmony between these factors. On looking at the compatibility with the face when worn and the overall impression, naturally those spectacles that ordinary have a good balance of form are chosen. Add to this consideration of the structure and materials to achieve the feel of the spectacles and a successful design can be achieved. There were many designs that put their emphasis on mechanical characteristics and concepts, looking good as spectacles. I think the winning design is one that, rather than presenting the spectacles alone, appropriately blends the overall sense when worn with a slightly new sense of fashion and uniqueness. The overall quality of the competition was extremely high. I think that with designs for spectacles, which require a certain level of specific skills, an understanding that reaches a layer of quality unachievable through ideas alone is essential.