MARUNI Inc. which has been producing and selling wooden furniture for 79 years since 1928, is now planning to start a new business dealing with the new type of furniture based on completely new concepts from those Maruni has kept so far. According to this purpose, the designs of chairs to be commercialized are widely sought for.


Privacy Policy

DESIGNTOPE (Hereafter it will be called eour companyf) and the web-site maintained by DESIGNTOPE (Hereafter it will be called ethis web-sitef) guarantees the protection and respectful treatment of personal information. The following Privacy Policy is the description of our companyfs basic policy and treatment concerning personal information.
Those who visit this web-site are allowed to use this web-site with the free will and the responsibility taken by the users themselves. Those who visit this web-site shall be taken as they have agreed to the Privacy Policy of our company by filling out the personal information form in this web-site and submitting it to our company.
1: Our companyfs policy concerning personal information
Our company defines epersonal informationf as follows.
ePersonal informationf is defined to be information concerning any individual including his or her name, address, the group he or she belongs to, phone number, e-mail address, etc. that enables any other party to identify the individual.

2: Gathering of information concerning individual
The information concerning any individual that is gathered shall be limited only to the information necessary for him or for her to receive the service our company provides. Our company shall not gather or keep any other personal information than the contents the visitor to this web-site himself or herself fills in with his or her free will in the personal information form in this web-site.
In the web-site of our company we require minimum personal information such as his or her e-mail
address at the time when he or she applies for membership registration, participation in
competitions, etc. We may ask such additional information as what is necessary for us to
identify him or her or to send goods or presents to him or her.
Information we gather in above method shall not be altered without the given consent of the
concerned person himself or herself.@
3:Protection of personal information
Our company shall make utmost rational and technical effort to maintain the possible highest
security that guarantees the protection of offered personal information from illegal hacking,
changing and leaking, etc.

4:Use of personal information
The personal information offered shall be used for the following purposes besides for meeting
the request from the concerned individual.

1. To customize the advertisements or other contents that may be in our web-site.
To improve the services of our company.
@@2.@To provide various information that may be useful to the concerned individual such as information on various competitions, on site-renewal, new products, etc.@
@3.@To send such important information as our companyfs new services, changes in the rules, etc. to the concerned individual.
@@4.@To carry out the research concerning how this web-site is being used, what the environment in which this web-site is used.
To make various reports for cooperating or related parties (Cooperating companies for competitions, etc.) that our sponsors or our company carefully selected.

Other use of personal information than above mentioned shall not be made.

5: Disclosure of personal information
The provided personal information shall not be disclosed to any third party except for the
following cases.
l In the case the person himself or herself who provided the personal information agrees for
it to be disclosed to other party.
l In the case judicial or administrative agency of Japan according to the Japanese Law requests the personal information of concerned individual to be presented.
l In the case the life, the body or the property belonging to the concerned person is in danger and the disclosure of the personal information of the concerned individual is supposed to be necessary for the protection of above mentioned belonging to the concerned individual.
l In the case, for the purpose of protecting the service, the rights, the property of our company, the disclosure of personal information concerning the individual(s) concerned is supposed to be necessary.

6: Concerning the web-sites of third party linked to this web-site, and of our sponsors.
The web-sites of the third party linked to this web-site and of our sponsors shown in this web-site may have their own privacy policies independent of our own privacy policy. Our company shall not take any responsibility for any problem caused by the policies or services maintained for the web-sites of the third party as mentioned. We request those who provide their personal information for the web-sites of the third party as mentioned to check and learn their privacy policies. Our company shall not take any responsibility concerning the protection of personal information provided by the person concerned for the other web-sites linked to this web-site.

7: The Applicable Governing Law
Though this web-site can be accessed by any individual of any other countries in the world that maintain different laws from those of Japan and regardless of such difference, both of those who access to this web-site and our company shall be under the authority of Japanese Laws. Those who use this web-site shall agree to abide by Japanese Laws.

8: Liability Exclusion
This Privacy Policy is only the description of the basic principles concerning the treatment of personal information in this web-site and therefore it shall not define any legal responsibilities of our company.

9: Others
Our company makes the effort, taking up the opinions of those who use this web-site for the betterment and completion of our Privacy Policy, therefore this Privacy Policy is subject to future changes. So we request those who use this web-site to check and learn the newest version of our Privacy Policy as of the time when they use this web-site.