MARUNI Inc. which has been producing and selling wooden furniture for 79 years since 1928, is now planning to start a new business dealing with the new type of furniture based on completely new concepts from those Maruni has kept so far. According to this purpose, the designs of chairs to be commercialized are widely sought for.



Grand Prix
Tetsu Sumii / TS22

Selected Works
Daniel Sousa / G Lounge

Comments from the Grand Prix Winner ( Tetsu Sumii / TS22 )

Ifm very happy and feel honored for my work to have received such a great eGrand Prixf Prize in the eNEXTMARUNI International Design Competitionf which was held on the theme, eLounge Chair.f

This work of mine was completed by combining its functions and its composition in natural ways, which, I believe, is needed for making a good lounge-chair as a tool for relaxation. The reached form as a result of such process is, as you see, a simple one without any elaborated or showy fine ornamentation.

Ifd like to express, here, my greatest appreciation to Mr. Alberto Meda and the staff members of NEXTMARUNI Project for their granting me this great opportunity to introduce my own design-work, where lots of great designers present theirs. Ifd also like to express my great surprise and honor for my work to be highly evaluated in such a great occasion.

The delight of being involved with NEXTMARUNI Project with its principle to keep producing the same good design for a long time is really great and Ifm sure that this precious experience will mean a lot to my future activities, too.

Thanks so much!

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1971 Born in Tokyo
1994 Graduated from Musashino Art University
2006 Working as a designer

< General Comment >

The "Easy chair and table" is the winner because of the simplicity of their physical structures and their visual lightness.

Back and seat with their intelligent cuts giving a springy feeling without loosing the strength are the main elements giving comfort.

I like it because I think that we need to be surrounded by simple objects, objects with a not loud image.

There were many other good works that were not selected for the prize because for their structural problems, their costs too high and their difficulty for quantity production.

To make a choice is always hard. Every work has my respect because I know how difficult it is to achieve an end, how difficult it is to solve the inherent complexity of things.

Thanks to everybody participating to this competition.

The Judge Alberto Meda