"International Competition for Silent CM 'SAPPORO'" Application period and work submission period are extended.
The submission period has started.


Competition's Theme : The silent commercial for the PR of SAPPORO to be played on JR Train Channel *30-second-silent images

" From Sapporo to the world and from the world to Sapporo "

Sapporo, the gate to Hokkaido is a beautiful city with its functions of modern city and the beautiful nature surrounding it harmoniously combined. With its 13 million visitors a year, Sapporo has been well known as one of the most thriving tourist cities in Japan.
The great charms of Sapporo such as its nature showing various faces in accordance with seasonal changes, its rich food culture, its special events such as the Snow Festival, etc. have so far been introduced through various media. Now the image of this city in Japan, however, seems to have been fixed as the city of a Clock Tower, of Sapporo Ramen Noodles, of the streets of Susukino, etc.

On the other hand, Sapporo with the image of a new cultural city is now being emerged thanks to the Moerenuma Park designed and planned by Isamu Noguchi, the Pacific Music Festival now counted as one of the world three greatest educational music festivals, the Short Short Film Festival officially recognized by the Committee for Academy Awards and so on. Sending renewed messages from new Sapporo to the world is something that is strongly required to this city at the moment.

This competition is conceived to introduce Sapporo by means of the new media-information called Silent CM newly proposed by City of Sapporo and its expected a number of fresh and sharp images of Sapporo with the expressive creativity of artists will be presented. It is the competition of 30-second-silent images focusing onSAPPORO. Any types of images such as actual photo, film or video shots, CG, animations, motion graphics and so on are to be welcome. We expect the presented works that will be shown at various places will make their viewers vividly think and even experience this wonderful city of Sapporo.
The work that won the best prize is planned to be demonstrated on Train Channel of JR Yamanote Line for 2 weeks of the early November of 2005, and the selected excellent works as well as the best work will be utilized in various promotion projects sponsored by Sapporo City.

Train Channel is the silent motion pictures shown on the LCD monitors above the train doors of JR Yamanote Line running in Tokyo. It provides various and useful visual information as a new channel of information source by means of silent motion pictures.
Silent CM is the 30-second-silent-visual-contents proposed by City of Sapporo as a new media-information designed for promoting Sapporo. Its visual contents are made of various visual media such as photo, film or video shots, computer graphics, animations, motion graphics and so on.

Sponsored by Sapporo City
Co-sponsored by Sapporo Tourist Association and the Chamber of Commerce of Sapporo
Co-operated by Designtope Co.

Grand Prix Award:
      1 work / Award Certificate and the prize money of 2 million yen
The Second Grand Prix Award:
      2 works / Award Certificate and the prize money of 500 thousand yen for each.



A creator of "Peaceful Images". Born in Hiroshima in 1958. While making music videos with impressive visual images, he introduced his works in Brazil, France, etc as a VIDEO ARTIST. Founded Peacedelic in 1993. His music clips aired on MTV all over the world include deeelite that was nominated for 6 categories of MTV Awards as well as a lot of promotion videos for such music artists as Rita Mitsouko, Les Negresses Vertes, Saint Etienne, Paul Weller Unit, System7, Photek and so on. In Japan, too, he has produced his works for such musicians as Hotei Tomoyasu, Imai Miki, GLAY, MR.children, TEI TOWA, DREAMS COME TRUE and so on. His first movie SF Samurai Fiction shown in 1998 was introduced in various international movie festivals. His widely ranged activities encompass movies, music clips, CM, VP, judges for various film competitions and so on. Currently his short film RE: Cycle is being shown in The 2005 World Exhibition Aichi Japan.

His filmography and awards or prizes
1998: Samurai Fiction (His first theatrical film)
      Grand-Prix Award in The Second Puchon International Fantastic Movie Festival in ROK. And it won a lot of prizes by other various international movie festivals in Japan.       It was also officially invited to be shown in SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL as well as such film festivals of Hamburg, Helsinki, Mont Real, Utah, and Brussels.
2001: SFStereo Future (His second theatrical film)
       RedShadow Akakage (His third theatrical film)
2002: Held Peacedelic Exhibition
      SFSweet Female
2003: SF Sonic Four : A short music video for a music band with actors acting in it
      SFShort Films A collection of short films with peaceful images
      Opinions A collection of interviews for peace
2005: RECycle: Production of peaceful short films now being shown in The 2005 World Exhibition Aichi Japan

About the details of the CMs, short clips produced by HIROYUKI NAKANO,

web : http://www.peacedelic.co.jp/

July 11(Mon)---September 23(Fri): application period
July 15(Fri)---Octorber 10(Mon): work submission period
              ( Works must be received by the last day of the Work submission period.)
October 11(Tue)--- October 22(Sat): the period for judging works
The late October---The early November: The results of judging works are to be announced.
             *The award winners will be contacted and the names of award winners and of works are to be introduced on the web-site of Designtope.
November 14(Mon)---November 27(Sun): The award receiving works will be played on JR Train Channel.
             *In the same period, they are also to be introduced on the web-site of Designtope.
             *It's possible to download the 3 awarded works from the web-site of Designtope (only for the cell phone corresponded to 'MP4' of docomo)

Conditions for participation
No condition is set for the application of works

Application registration
Register yourself on the web-site by filling out the application form. When your application registration is completed, youll be informed of your application number by e-mail. The application number and the password for work submission are necessary when you submit your work so please note them. You can submit as many works as you want but the application is necessary for each single work. You have to register yourself for each work you wish to submit.
*Avoid using your cell-phone's addresses for the application because of the possibility of the problems in making contacts as well as in sending and receiving works. Be sure to put correct e-mail addresses in the application forms so that we can certainly get in touch with you.

Conditions and methods for work submission

"Conditions for work submission"
A visual work of motion picture 30-second-silent images ( Please refer to the methods for work submission that follows.)
A text concerning the submitted work (Fill out the application form on the web-site.)

1: The text must contain the title of the work, the concept of the work and the comment of the applicant.
Explain the concept of the work in English (of within 200 letters.) If you are Japanese, please write it both in English and Japanese.

2: The media used for the work submission

3: Format of the data:
For Windows Media 9 and QuickTime format:
The size of the display : 320 x 240/ The bit rate : Smaller than 500k
There may be the case in which you are requested later to submit the data before its encoding.

For swf format:
The size of the display: 640 x 480/ The frame rate: 18-30 fps
The data has to be continuously played as a motion picture.

In both cases above, a work created with endless loop or mouse action is not to be accepted.

4: Both on the media( data disk) and its case, please write clearly the work title, the name of the applicant and its application number

5: The length of the work has to be 30 seconds.
6: At the beginning of the work (the motion picture ), be sure to put the works credit ( The title of the work and its application number only) in the center of the image.

"Method of the work submission"
1: Send the media (CD-R or DVD+--R) your work is recorded on to the competition committee by a registered mail or by other delivery services such as Takkyubin, DHL so that the fact of your sending the work can be recorded. Please be sure that the works received after the set dead line are not to be accepted.
2: Register your work by filling out the form, following the guidance of Application form on the web-site (Click the Application button in the web-site.) After the registration of the work submission is completed, youll receive the mail telling that your application has been accepted. Remember, however, that even if you attach your works to the e-mails, they are not to be accepted.
After the judgment is finished, according to the works editing process, the award winners may be requested to resubmit the original version of the media source for the work for confirmation.

"Address for work submission"
1) in case of "by MAIL" (general delivery):
"Silent CM 'SAPPORO' "compe jimukyoku-kakari
Azabu Post Office Kyokudome
*the meaning of the address is "AZABU POST OFFICE: The Committee for The Competition of "Silent CM 'SAPPORO' "
*the meaning of "Kyokudome" is "the above-mentioned."

2) in case of "by others"
*such as Takkyubin, DHL so that the fact of your sending the work can be recorded:
Designtope Co. : Office of The Committee for The Competition of "Silent CM 'SAPPORO' "
3-13-15 Paloma Plaza B2F, Nishi Azabu, Minato Ward, Tokyo

*please print out the address in Japanese the above-mentioned and put it on the envelope.
*the meaning of the address is "AZABU POST OFFICE: The Committee for The Competition of "Silent CM 'SAPPORO' "
in case of "by others" (*such as Takkyubin, DHL so that the fact of your sending the work can be recorded):
POST CODE 106-0031 3-13-15 Nishi Azabu, Minato Ward Paloma Plaza B2F
Designtope Co. : Office of' The Committee for The Competition of "Silent CM 'SAPPORO' "

Dont put any information in the work that tells or implies applicants name or identity, who submitted the concerned work.
Paperwork concerning various rights on the images that applicants use for their own works must be completed by the applicants themselves.
The presented works must be original ones created by the applicants.
Please refer to 08 Copy Rights too.

As the presented works are not returned to their presenters, they have to be the copies of the original works.

When the works are played on JR Train Channel, total of 10 seconds of motion pictures are added at the beginning and the end of the actual works in order to tell their viewers that they are the short motion pictures to advertise Sapporo City.

"Concerning work submission"
1: Please pack your work(CD or DVD+--R) carefully and thoroughly so that the disk wont be damaged during its transportation.
2: Although the greatest care will be paid in dealing with the presented works by the competition organizers, in the case there is any problem (whether before or after the works are received ) such as damages to, losses of the works, the competition organizer will not take any responsibilities on the problem.

The copyright of a presented work belongs to the works presenter. Concerning the award winning top three works, Sapporo City will hold the right of use as a part of advertising activities of Sapporo City. The organizer has the rights to keep, record, broadcast, distribute, introduce and publish any one of all the presented works for free.

Concerning the copyright(s) of third party: In the case a presented work uses other copyrighted work(s) in the presented work, the presenter of the work must acquire the permission(s) for its(their) use from the people or the organizations that hold the copyrights on the copyrighted works. All the presented works, whether they are permitted for the use of copyrighted materials or not, will be the subjects for selection. If the work, however, cannot be run on JR Train Channel because of the problem(s) related to the copyright(s) of the third party, the granted award may be revoked. The presenter of a work must take the responsibilities concerning various rights on the presented work including its copyright.
The organizers of the competition are exempted from whatever liabilities caused by the troubles concerning the copyrights on presented works. In case the presented motion pictures being run should cause any formal complaints or lawsuits, the cost paid by the competition organizers shall be covered by the works presenters.
Privacy Policy
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The questions asked about the details of the competition are not answered individually.
Please refer to FAQ.

The office of The Committee for International Competition for Silent CM SAPPORO