Takenaka Seisakusyo, Co. Ltd.
Situated in Takaoka-shi, in Toyama Prefecture facing the Japan Sea, the Takenaka Seisakusyo has been producing Buddhist sculptures and artwork alongside the development and production of building materials coordinating the skills of the traditional metal cast artisan. And in the production of gates and fences, the company enjoys collaboration with Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd., Shikoku Corp., and YKK AP, Inc., in effect undertaking the role of adjoining the skills of the artisan with the major manufacturers.
This time, we are pleased to have the directors of development of these major manufacturers taking part in this competition as members of the jury.



Grand Prix Award

Title : A Wall Opened And Closed
Entrant : Hisaaki Doi (JAPAN)

Second Grand Prix Award

Title : Inspired by nature

Title : Green Net
Entrant : Pablo Giacomini (SPAIN)

Title : IN-EX
Entrant : Michiya Tsukano (JAPAN)
Title : the private fold
Entrant : julien brochet (JAPAN)
Title : Gradation Gate
Entrant : Kouhei Kodaka (JAPAN)

Entrant : Yasunori Minamida (JAPAN)
Title : 1+1+1
Entrant : Zhang Jian (CHINA)
Title : the living deck
Entrant : Dana Bauer (UNITED STATES)

Thank you very much for the great number of the works submitted for the competition this time sponsored by TAKENAKA SEISAKUSYO Co and DESIGNTOPE Co. The total number of the works adds up to 970 works from many countries. We'd like to inform you here that the strict and fair examination of these submitted works.

[Jury evaluation]

Yasuyuki Awaji (Matsushita Denko Inc.)
A number of works presented for this exhibition propose to us new ideas free from conventional images of the outdoor spaces of houses. Among them, the work that won Grand Prix, by taking not just a single house?s outdoor space but the whole view of community-life into consideration, presents us with ever-greater views of outdoor spaces. This is an excellent work that flexibly makes compatible the two opposing concepts of "communication" and "privacy" or "opened" and "closed".

The two works that won the Second Grand Prix, with the use of nature or smooth curve lines, attract us by making outdoor spaces not just the ones to pass through but "the places for us to comfortably stay in".
There are also such works that catch our attention as try to smoothly merge interior spaces into their outdoor spaces .

For their actual realizations, we may first have to solve the problems coming from current housing situations and technological difficulty, many excellent works presented for this competition propose to us the ideas about the outdoor spaces of houses in new dimensions.

Atsushi Iwai (Shikoku Kasei Co.)
Many works presented for this competition took their approaches from the architectural point of view. Some ideas are that new spaces are created by the part of an architecture moved away or that the architectures themselves are the works proposed as their out-door spaces, which indicates the strong relationship between the buildings and their out-door spaces. Among them, the work that won the Grand Prix Award presented us with a completely new idea that a private space is altered into an open shared space (a kind of community square) with the shutter wall to be rolled up. We gave it our high evaluation as such a novel concept as wipes any conventional ideas away.

Ken Toyooka (YKK AP Inc.)
The competition this time, with its greater number of presented works and its greater variety of the countries of the applicants than the last one, really represents the special character of this international competition. Its theme "The Suggestions For House Out-door Space (House Yard)" seems to have allowed the presented contents to be more greatly varied compared with the last competition.
The work that won the Grand Prix, " A Wall Opened And Closed" is a simple idea of rolling up wooden shutters. The huge space opened up by its opening, however, gives us a very intense impact with its great dynamism. And the connection with the neighbors and the neighboring areas created by each time of its use allows us to think about the greater possibilities in people?s relationships.
The idea of the work that received the Second Grand-Prix, "Inspired by nature" is that of steppingstones. The transitional beauty of nature presented in the miniature gardens of 40 cm x 40 cm tiles will let us taste the delicate esthetic sense of Japanese.
The other work that also won the Second Grand Prix, "Green Net" is the graphical expression of beauty created with the net woven in three dimensions. The green small hills made with free curving lines will present us with comfortable spaces in special harmony with nature.

Akimasa Kondo (Takenaka Co.)
The approaches taken for the works presented for this competition seem to be largely divided into three kinds of characters of architecture, of garden and of interior. Whatever approach it might take, there was a focal point common to them all, that is, the quest for the comfortable ways of living. What impresses me most is that a number of works are trying to regard gardens as a part of living quarters. This approach trying to make out-door spaces the place necessary for our comfortable everyday lives seems to imply the future direction of the places people should live in.The work that won the Grand Prix was particularly impressive with the concept of altering private spaces into public ones and vice versa, seeing out-door spaces not just as individualistic closed properties but also as public open arena for communities.